Myeloma XII (ACCoRd)

This Infosheet provides information about what the Myeloma XII clinical trial is, why it is taking place and what is involved if patients decide to take part in the trial.

The Myeloma XII trial, also known as the ACCoRd trial, is a Phase III clinical trial. Phase III trials are carried out in large groups of patients to confirm the effectiveness of a new treatment.

The Myeloma XII trial has been developed on the back of results from another national myeloma trial called the  yeloma
X trial. The Myeloma X trial showed that a second high dose therapy and autologous stem cell transplant (HDT-SCT) slows down the progression of myeloma in comparison to treatment with more standard chemotherapy.

Myeloma X also showed, however, that the depth and duration of response to the second HDT-SCT was inferior
to those reported for the first HDT-SCT. The purpose of the Myeloma XII trial is to see if using a novel drug called ixazomib can strengthen the effect of the second HDT-SCT. The trial is looking at the depth of response following a second HDT-SCT when the induction treatment contains ixazomib, and also whether using ixazomib as part of consolidation and maintenance treatment following the second HDT-SCT can slow down the progression of myeloma i.e. improve the duration of response.

The length of the treatment phase including HDTSCT is between 6 –12 months, but depends on how patients are randomised and on their individual response to treatment.

Side effects vary considerably from patient to patient and the vast majority can be prevented. Those that do occur are usually mild and transient and can be treated and/or managed.

All patients are carefully monitored on a regular basis throughout the trial. Most of the tests carried out as part of the
monitoring process are the same as those for patients not taking part in the trial, such as blood and urine tests. However, there are some additional tests that are specific to the trial. For example, one of the aims of the Myeloma XII trial is to carry out tests to determine what bearing the genetic profile of patients’ myeloma has on their outcomes and response to

The results of the Myeloma XII trial will provide a greater understanding of whether the use of a novel drug called ixazomib can strengthen the effect of a second autologous stem cell transplant.