Myeloma in #InMyeOwnWords

This Myeloma Awareness Week, we’re raising awareness of the symptoms of myeloma by sharing examples of myeloma symptoms in people’s own words.

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Information Hub

In our Information Hub, you can find our full range of patient information booklets and magazines, videos and Ask the Nurse blogs to help you better understand myeloma and its related conditions.

Together, we are the cure

Myeloma UK’s new strategy will drive our work forward so that everyone affected by myeloma can look forward to a longer and better future.

Myeloma lottery

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What is myeloma?

Each year in the UK, approximately 5,700 people are diagnosed with myeloma. Find out more about this type of cancer and get information on how it develops.

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About Myeloma UK

We make it possible to live longer and better lives with myeloma.

Through research and treatments, we find new ways to a cure.

Together, we support so no-one faces myeloma alone.

We are Myeloma UK.

Together, we are the cure.

Our impact

We fund research work that looks to answer questions about the development, detection, and treatment of myeloma to help improve the future for people with myeloma.

We work with healthcare professionals to improve care and secure access to cutting-edge cancer treatments to give more choices to people being treated for myeloma.

We provide tailored information and support designed to help people with myeloma, their families and their friends live their lives to the full and manage their myeloma.

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