Myeloma Support Groups Infosheet

This Infosheet provides a list of Support Groups in the UK and Ireland for people affected by myeloma and associated plasma cell disorders.

This is a list of Support Groups for people affected by myeloma and associated plasma cell disorders. Support Groups provide an opportunity to share information and experiences with other patients and their relatives, in an informal and supportive setting.

Some Support Groups are myeloma-specific, whilst others are general haematology groups that welcome those affected by myeloma.

They vary in size and focus, and meet in clinics, cancer centres, churches, community centres, cafes or people’s homes.

Some are run by patients or relatives, others by healthcare professionals such as nurses or counsellors.

Most of the groups are run independently of Myeloma UK, so we are unable to take responsibility for the information
they provide or for the level of support offered.

However Myeloma UK is on hand to offer a range of additional resources to help with the best practice and development of Support Groups in this list including:

  • Group visits and talks about the work of Myeloma UK
  • Scheduled annual trainingworkshops
  • Customised training workshops i.e. those specifically requested by an individual group
  • Practical advice and troubleshooting about any group issue

In addition, we have a set of Support Group Best Practice Guides for Support Group Leaders, which sets out a range of
best practice ideas and practical advice about how to develop Support Groups.

If there isn’t a Myeloma Support Group in your area and you would like to set one up , we would love to hear from you. Myeloma UK is keen to offer individuals running a group all the help they need in terms of setting up, promoting and
maintaining their group.

To find out how to go about setting up a Support Group, and the support available from Myeloma UK, please call 0131
557 3332 or email