Serum Free Light Chain Assay (AL amyloidosis) Infosheet

This Infosheet explains what light chains are, what the Serum Free Light Chain Assay is, and why it is used in AL amyloidosis.

In AL amyloidosis, abnormal plasma cells in the bone marrow produce proteins called light chains which are released into the bloodstream and go on to form amyloid deposits in the tissues and organs.

The Serum Free Light Chain Assay (SFLCA) is a blood test that measures the levels of light chains and can be used to
determine AL amyloidosis activity and response to treatment.

The SFLCA is an important advance in the diagnosis and monitoring of AL amyloidosis. Before this test the only way to
monitor response to treatment was by bone marrow and organ biopsies. Knowledge about the importance of free light chains, and of how best to measure and monitor them through tests such as the SFLCA, continues to gro