Setting up a Support Group Infosheet

This Infosheet takes you through what to do if you are thinking about setting up a Support Group and what help is available to you.

Although setting up a Support Group can be extremely rewarding, it is not without its challenges and may seem a
bit daunting, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. However, many people have successfully established
a group and it can be very straightforward to do, especially with the help and support we provide at Myeloma UK.

There are a number of questions to consider and answer, amongst them:

  • Is there a need for a Support Group in the area? Work out what, if anything, is needed in addition to what already exists and what help might be available
  • Do you want to lead the group as well as setting it up, or do you plan to ask someone else to lead/facilitate/organise the group, or do it jointly?
  • What experience and skills do you have and what additional training, support and information do you need?
  • How much free time do you realistically have to devote to the group?
  • Where will the group meet, how often and at what time?
  • How much money you will need, if any, to start the group?
  • How will you publicise and promote the group?
  • How will you get the support of the local myeloma doctors and nurses?

Myeloma UK can help anyone wishing to set up a Support Group by providing them with a number of practical resources
and advice over the phone. We have developed a Support Group Meeting Pack which contains a wealth of information
and best practice guides to help Leaders set up, establish and maintain their groups. We can also produce promotional material to advertise meetings, send out mailings to all those patients/families and friends on our database in the
local area and can even attend a meeting to give a talk or facilitate the first meeting.

More information can be obtained by calling Chris Martin, Support Group Lead at Myeloma UK on 0131 557 3332 or emailing