Hopeful Futures Appeal

Last year your generosity helped us provide a lifeline to vulnerable myeloma patients as the pandemic forced them to shield, delayed their stem cell transplants and changed their treatments.

Now, we need your help to tackle the legacy of COVID-19.


"We are deeply concerned about the legacy that COVID-19 will leave on the lives of myeloma patients and families. Thousands of myeloma patients are experiencing symptoms and not being seen by a GP or haematologist because of the pandemic.

Even in normal times, one third of myeloma patients are diagnosed through an emergency route. Sadly, one in ten of those people will die within one month of their diagnosis due to complications or simply because their cancer was caught too late. No family should have to experience the devastation of such a short time to say goodbye.

The pandemic will only make this worse. Please support our spring appeal and give myeloma patients and families a Hopeful Future."

Laura Kerby, Myeloma UK CEO

Myeloma UK is already taking action to protect patients’ futures. We are funding innovative ways of addressing early diagnosis, we are educating clinicians, and we are working to support new treatments. But we need more funding to accelerate our efforts and safeguard lives.

  • £20 could send our GP Diagnostic tool to 15 GPs, helping them to spot myeloma sooner
  • £60 could provide an hour of free support to a myeloma patient or family member through our Myeloma Infoline
  • £125 could help us gather evidence for a drug appraisal to ensure effective treatments like lenalidomide are available on the NHS
  • £1,000 could support the development of a clinical trial to give patients early access to new drugs and therapies

Our Hopeful Futures Appeal aims to raise £250,000 to support this vital work and start to tackle the legacy of COVID-19. Please help us do this and donate now.

Other ways to get involved

If you're having any issues donating, have any questions about our appeal or would rather speak to a person you can call our Appeal line on 0131 230 0430.