Myeloma Awareness Week 2019

There’s no more time for silence. It’s time to #ShoutAboutMyeloma

This Myeloma Awareness Week we’re asking you to do something very important: we’re asking you to Shout About Myeloma to as many people as possible, by sharing seven incredibly moving stories about myeloma with all your friends and family.

Listen to the stories of seven people whose lives have been changed by myeloma. Then when you’re ready, #ShoutAboutMyeloma.

You can make a difference.

Did you know 15 people each day are diagnosed with myeloma? Today, there are over 17,500 people in the UK living with this incurable blood cancer.

Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the United Kingdom dealing exclusively with myeloma, and we receive no government funding. This means we rely on your donations to continue our vital work in supporting myeloma patients and their families, and working toward our ultimate goal of finding a cure.

But here’s the thing – we can’t do it without you. We need your help to make as many people as possible aware of the impact of myeloma. Here’s what you can do right now:

3 ways to #ShoutAboutMyeloma.

1. Share a video. Listen to the stories behind a myeloma diagnosis and hear the impact myeloma has on patients and their loved ones. Then share the video via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can help us spread the myeloma awareness message far and wide.

2. Fundraise. Myeloma UK supporters up and down the country are holding their very own Myeloma Awareness Week events to raise money and awareness. This year the theme is Go Orange. Find out more >

3. Donate. From our Infoline and Ask the Nurse service, to our patient advocacy work and research – your donations will help myeloma patients live longer and with a better quality of life. Give now >

Help & Support: Speak to one of our trained and qualifed Myeloma Information Specialists or email us