Following a diagnosis of myeloma, making decisions about work will need a bit of forward planning and ongoing review of your options. It’s an individual decision whether to carry on working or not, and will depend on your wellness, financial circumstance and caring situation.

You’ll need support from your employer at different times following your diagnosis and as you go through treatment.

If you have had to give up work temporarily, reduce your hours or take early retirement, this can put a strain on your finances. This can be a source of worry and anxiety, but there steps you can take to help alleviate this concern.

Managing your finances

There are a number of benefits both you and your carer may be entitled to. These include, but are not limited to: statutory sick pay; universal credit; personal independence payment (PIP); carer’s allowance; a Blue Badge for parking. These are covered more in our Managing your finances (benefits) Infosheet.

Budgeting is key in managing your finances. Try to reduce expenses by cutting down on non-essential items. Your essential costs can be also be reduced in some cases. Speak to your mortgage or energy provider, as they may have a system in place to help cancer patients with payments.

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