Peer Buddy service

Find out more about our one-to-one support for people affected by myeloma and how you can talk to someone who understands.

Peer Buddies

We know that people with experience of myeloma have a wealth of knowledge that can be of help to others living with myeloma. Our Peer Buddy service provides the chance for patients and carers to tap into the knowledge and experience of others in a one-to-one setting.

Through our Peer Buddy service, we’ll match you up with someone who is a trained Peer Buddy, and they’ll be there to listen, understand and support you. You can share experiences, discuss issues you’re facing and get support from someone with lived experience.

All our Peer Buddies have experience of myeloma or a related condition which they are happy to share with people seeking support.

Peer Buddies will offer up to six sessions of support over a maximum of six weeks. People can receive support either over the phone or via video calls (on the video conferencing platform Zoom).

Support is available for both patients and their carers/family members, with patients supporting patients and carers/family members supporting carers/family members.

The Peer Buddy service is also available to people with related conditions, such as AL amyloidosis.

If you would like to speak to a Peer Buddy please complete the referral form and we’ll then get in touch to discuss what happens next. Please note that the person receiving support must complete the form themselves.

The Peer Buddy service is not a counselling or mental health service. If you feel you would benefit from counselling, you can get advice on how to go about this by speaking to our team on the Myeloma Infoline on 0800 980 3332 (UK) or 1800 937 773 (Ireland) or through our Ask the Nurse email service.

Peer Discussion Forum Volunteers

Peers are also available to support you via the Myeloma UK Discussion Forum. Our Discussion Forum is a great place to get involved in conversations and ask questions to others living with myeloma or related conditions.

Our trained Peer Volunteers will respond to messages and share their personal experiences with you. If you want to hear from people who have been where you are then head along to our Forum for information, support and guidance.

Don’t forget we also have our Support Groups, which provide the chance to meet others in a group setting online and in person.

Interested in volunteering?

If this has sparked your interest and you’d like to use your experience to help support others, get in touch at to find out when our next round of volunteer recruitment is taking place.