Give in your will

By including a precious gift in your will to Myeloma UK, you can ensure many more families benefit from our life-changing services and groundbreaking research.

Myeloma UK is a charity solely funded by our supporters.

We receive no funding at all from the NHS or government.

Everything we do is funded by voluntary contributions, fundraising and gifts left in wills

A growing need for your support

Every day in the UK 16 people hear the devastating news they have myeloma. And thousands are already living with this type of cancer.

This means the demand for our services is growing all the time. It also means it’s critical we achieve research breakthroughs as soon as possible to improve diagnoses, treatment and care, as well as find new treatments.

But as a charity that receives no funding from the NHS or government, receiving more gifts in wills will help us to meet the increasing demand and fund future research.

They make up a large part of our funding now, and will be needed more than ever in the future.

After taking care of your family and friends, please do consider including a gift in your will to Myeloma UK.

Your generosity and kindness now will help to improve the lives of future generations. Thank you.

Download your free gifts in wills guide

Our gifts in wills guide provides further information about how your generosity can help create a future where no one faces myeloma alone.

We’ve also included plenty of advice about what to consider when making or updating your will.

Helping others affected by myeloma

Discover why Neil, who was diagnosed with myeloma, decided to leave a gift in his will to help make myeloma history and support our life-changing services.

Sadly, since Neil made this video, he has passed away. We’re extremely grateful to Neil’s family for their continuing support.

The types of gifts you can include in your will

Big or small, your gift will make a huge difference to people living with myeloma across the UK. The types of gifts you can give include:

A share of your estate

This is known as a residuary gift. It is a percentage of your estate you may wish to leave to a charity after taking care of your loved ones and financial commitments.

Because a residuary gift is a percentage of your estate, it will keep its value over time.

Sum of money

This is called a pecuniary gift. It’s a fixed amount of money you include in your will. It’s a good idea to regularly review pecuniary gifts, because the cost of living can reduce their value over time.

A specific gift

This is when you state in your will that you would like to leave someone a specific item, such as a piece of jewellery, a painting or shares.

Wording to make sure your wishes are carried out

If you decide to include a gift in your will to Myeloma UK, it’s important that you use the following information to help ensure your wishes are carried out.

  • The registered name of our charity: Myeloma UK
  • Our registered charity no: SC026116
  • Our registered charity address: 22 Logie Mill, Beaverbank Business Park, Edinburgh EH7 4HG

Important: Please note that Myeloma UK is not listed on the Charity Commission website because we are registered as a charity in Scotland and are regulated by OSCR, the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Write your will for free

To make it accessible for everyone to make a Will, Myeloma UK has partnered with National Free Wills Network to offer you the chance to have a simple single or mirrored Will written or a review of your current Will for free.

National Free Wills Network will put you in touch with a host of solicitors local to your area that can help you write or update your Will.

To get started:

1. Contact the Myeloma UK Gifts in Wills Team at or on 0131 230 0429 who will gather a few details from you.

2. You will then receive your National Free Wills Network information pack and be able to arrange an appointment with a solicitor in your area.

3. They will then take you through your Will, step by step.

By using this service, you are not obliged to leave Myeloma UK a gift in your Will.

The importance of writing your Will

Having an up-to-date and valid Will is the only way you can have peace of mind that your property, money and personal possessions will be distributed in the way you want.

Simply telling your loved ones what your wishes are or writing them down is not enough. If you don’t have a valid will, the rules of intestacy will decide who inherits your estate, which may lead to your home, money and belongings going to the Crown.

Having a valid and up-to-date will can also make things much easier for your loved ones after you’re gone.

Because having to sort out extra complications caused by the lack of a valid will can be extremely stressful, and especially when you’re grieving.

Please do think about making a will to take care of your family and friends in the future. And after you’ve looked after them, please consider leaving a small share of what is left to Myeloma UK.

We are pleased to say that we are a proud member of Remember A Charity who have further resources on writing or updating your Will.

To access this information please visit Remember A Charity’s guide on making a Will.

Get in touch

If you’ve already included a gift in your will to Myeloma UK and would like to let us know about this, please use the form below.

You can also use the form to ask us to contact you to discuss leaving a gift in your will to Myeloma UK.

Supporter stories

Read stories about some of the amazing people who have included a gift in their will to help make myeloma history and ensure no one faces myeloma alone.
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