How your money helps

Every penny you give helps us provide comfort and reassurance to people affected by myeloma and fund research that improves diagnoses, treatment and care.

Myeloma UK is a charity solely funded by our supporters.

We receive no funding at all from the NHS or government.

Everything we do is funded by voluntary contributions, fundraising and gifts left in wills

Supporting people living with myeloma

In 2022, our amazing supporters raised over £5.1 million to help improve the lives of people living with myeloma and their families and friends.

We invested your money in the following ways:

Expert information about living with myeloma

Through our website, Myeloma Infoline and ‘Ask a nurse’ email service, we provide high-quality information about myeloma, treatments and the impact the cancer can have on your life.

Vital support services that offer reassurance

Thanks to our supporters, we provide support, information and resources to volunteers who run support groups for people affected by myeloma.

We also host online events for families so they can ask questions, learn from experts and share experiences.

And we run a Peer Buddy service that gives people with myeloma and carers the opportunity to speak one-to-one with another person who understands exactly what they’re going through.

Groundbreaking research into new treatments

Our funding of groundbreaking research has helped to transform the diagnosis, treatment and care of people living with myeloma.

Today, someone diagnosed with myeloma is likely to live four times longer than they would have 25 years ago.

But there are still many improvements that can be made. That’s why we continue to invest in research that’s helping us better understand myeloma and how we can treat it more effectively.

Supporting pioneering clinical trials

Clinical trials are absolutely vital to giving people diagnosed with myeloma access to innovative new treatments that have the potential to transform their lives and other people’s.

This is why we support pioneering clinical trials like ProMMise. Led by clinicians and scientists at the University of Leeds, it enables multiple treatment combinations to be tested at the same time – a potential game changer for how we treat myeloma in the future.

Medical resources for healthcare professionals

We provide a range of educational resources to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to help them provide the best possible care and support to people living with myeloma.

We also run learning programmes to help professionals meet the physical, emotional and practical needs of people diagnosed with myeloma.

Influencing positive change in care and support

We work with people affected by myeloma and healthcare professionals to influence decision makers such as MPs and the commissioners of health services.

Our aim is to ensure the needs of people affected by myeloma are always on the agenda and positive changes are made to improve their quality of life and treatment.

Change lives today

However you choose to support us, your gift will help to make sure we’re there when we’re needed most.

Your generosity will also fund groundbreaking research that aims to improve diagnoses, treatment and care for people living with myeloma.

On behalf of the whole myeloma community, thank you for helping to build a better future.

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