Support us a business

You and your colleagues can change lives

We can work closely with your business to create a mutually beneficial partnership that improves lives and makes your employees feel 100% part of the Myeloma UK family.

Why partner with Myeloma UK?

Feel connected to the people you help

Your dedicated account manager will ensure you and your team are kept up to date with the amazing difference your donations make.

Get a brand boost that gains you new customers

We’ll do all we can to positively promote your business, help you meet your ESG goals and reach socially conscious customers.

A tailored approach for your business

From bespoke fundraising activities to volunteering opportunities, we’ll work closely with you to understand the needs of your business and find out what motivates your team.

Bring your team together in a hybrid world

Fundraising for Myeloma UK can help hybrid workforces work together more, focus on common goals, have lots of fun and enjoy a big morale boost.

Enjoy recognition for your amazing efforts

We’ll regularly celebrate your kindness and generosity. This includes the name of your business featuring in our annual report and on our website.

The ways you can help change lives

Corporate partnership

Choose Myeloma UK as your charity partner and we’ll work closely with you to create a bespoke strategy and action plan that meets the needs of your business and employees.

We’ll also appoint a dedicated account manager who will support you in the best way possible to maximise our partnership.


Whether it’s doing an ultra challenge, hosting a pub quiz or taking part in a Myeloma UK event, there are many ways your employees can raise money to fund our life-changing work.

On top of this, we’ll provide you with expert support and advice, as well as publicity materials, to help make your fundraising hugely successful and truly memorable for all involved.

Cause-related marketing

Attract new customers and show your existing customers how much you care by donating a percentage of your profits from the sales of your products or services.

This is a simple yet effective way to support our life-changing services and fund research that improves diagnoses, treatment and care.

Sponsor a Myeloma UK event

We offer businesses a range of great sponsorship opportunities, including being the headline sponsor of a Myeloma UK challenge event.

This is a wonderful way to raise your profile, attract new customers and fund vital services for families across the UK.

Give a donation

You can simply give a donation through your business to help people living with myeloma and their loved ones get the support they need.

In return, we’ll ensure you receive a big thank you, feel valued and learn about the life-changing impact of your gift.

Payroll giving

Payroll Giving is a simple, tax-effective way for employees to support our services directly from their salaries.

Setting up and running a scheme is quick and easy, and it can be a great addition to the other ways you decide to support our life-changing work.

Here to help

To find out more about how your business and Myeloma UK can work together, please contact our Fundraising Team on or 0131 230 0429.

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