Health Services Research Programme

Our Health Services Research programme aims to better understand the needs and experiences of people affected by myeloma. Our work informs the way myeloma is treated, managed and shapes how patient care is designed, delivered, and funded.

What is the Health Services Research Programme?

Health services research considers how various factors impact healthcare delivery. We created the Health Services Research Programme in 2007 to better understand the needs and experiences of myeloma patients and their families.

For many of our health services research projects we collaborate with experts from healthcare and academic organisations. Our Health Services Research Grants fund projects that generate evidence and answer key questions around myeloma care. You can find out more about current grant opportunities here.

Our priority topics for health services research are:

  • Patient preferences and patient experiences
  • Myeloma diagnosis
  • Quality-of-life and wellbeing
  • Organisation and delivery of services and care
  • Information and support needs
  • Regulatory and Health Technology Assessment issues

How does the Health Services Research Programme benefit myeloma patients and their families?

Patients and carers come first in everything we do. Myeloma UK uses the findings from health services research projects as evidence in policy discussions and briefings to advocate for better and fairer myeloma care and treatment for patients. The research also helps Myeloma UK staff better understand patients and their families which enables us to provide the most appropriate support.

Through the information we’ve gathered so far, we’ve helped shape how myeloma patients are treated and managed.

How can I get involved?

Myeloma patients and carers can learn about taking part in our projects by joining our patient and carer research panel.

Researchers can find information on our funding opportunities here.

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