AL amyloidosis Lenalidomide Treatment Guide

This Treatment Guide contains information about Lenalidomide, a drug used in the treatment of AL amyloidosis. This publication is part of our Treatment Guide series, a collection of publications covering different drugs used in the treatment of AL amyloidosis. They are designed to be mixed-and-matched to correspond to your treatment combination, helping you understand more about each drug in your treatment.

  • Please note that these Treatment Guides are designed to provide an overview of your treatment. For complete information about your treatment, you should refer to the Patient Information Leaflet included in the pack with the treatment. If you do not have this, ask your healthcare team for it
  • The information in this Treatment Guide is not meant to replace any advice from your healthcare team
  • You must speak to your doctor before taking any kind of supplement or alternative treatment that they have not prescribed, including herbal, traditional or natural medicines and remedies, and vitamins or wellbeing supplements, to ensure it is safe to do so and will not have any harmful effects when taken alongside your prescribed treatment

Myeloma UK AL amyloidosis Lenalidomide Treatment Guide

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