Benefits and financial support Infosheet

This Infosheet outlines some of the main benefits and financial allowances that may be available to you if you have myeloma, or you are someone caring for a person with myeloma.

This Infosheet outlines some key things to know and consider when seeking financial support, including:

  • The different benefits and credits you may be entitled to
  • Aspects of your personal circumstances which may be considered when determining your benefit entitlement
  • A list of trusted organisations that offer free financial advice
  • Where you can find other sources of useful information

 Key points you can read about in this Infosheet include:

  • You may be able to claim a number of different benefits if you are living with myeloma, or are caring for someone with myeloma
  • Factors such as your age, where you live, household income and savings can affect the benefits you may be entitled to
  • In addition to financial allowances, you may be able to get additional benefits from your local council to help with things such as council tax and transport costs
  • Be aware of fake money advice or scams offered by cold callers pretending to offer you genuine advice

There are a number of organisations, such as charities and government services, that provide free financial advice and useful online tools to help you access the benefits you may be entitled to

Benefits and financial support Infosheet

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