Exercises for myeloma patients Infosheet

This Infosheet describes exercises suitable for myeloma patients, and includes some safety tips. The Infosheet contains a range of gentle exercises that can help you build and maintain your fitness and strength in a way that is suitable and safe for most myeloma patients, to help you keep living well. 

There are instructions and illustrations for each exercise. The exercises are divided into:  

  • Resistance exercises 
  • Strength exercises 
  • Balance exercises 

There are exercises to strengthen different parts of the body: 

  • Arms 
  • Back, chest and core 
  • Neck and shoulders 
  • Legs and ankles  

Key safety tips discussed in the Infosheet include:  

  • Always speak to your healthcare team before starting any exercise programme, or ask to be referred to a physiotherapist 
  • Avoid public gyms and swimming pools if you are at a higher risk of infection 
  • Minimise exercises which have an increased risk of jarring or falling, especially if you have altered sensation or numbness in your feet caused by peripheral neuropathy 
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights   
  • Wear supportive well-fitting shoes 
  • Exercise in a clear space, free of clutter 
  • Stop to rest if you are feeling breathless, and don’t push yourself too hard 
  • Stop immediately if you feel any new or increasing pain, and let your healthcare team know 
  • Build up your exercising gradually 
  • Pace yourself and listen to your body 

Exercises for myeloma patients Infosheet

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