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Me and myeloma: Nick’s story

Our ‘Me and myeloma’ stories are a series of stories from the myeloma community.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 58 years old, and I was first diagnosed at 48. I am married with three nearly grown-up children, though none live at home.

My wife Abi is a ceramic artist, and I work in the construction industry, where we manufacture concrete lintels.

My hobbies include mild hiking, keeping fit, good food and conversation.

Diagnosis story

Can you tell us about your myeloma diagnosis?

I was at a party in 2013 when my back suddenly went, and I had to be stretchered home. There followed eight months of physio and all kinds of treatments and investigations. Still, nothing worked, and the pain, indeed, was getting worse.

Eventually, I saw a GP who had worked in haematology, and she sent away for a blood test. I thought nothing of it until I got a phone call to go back to the GP surgery.

My GP then explained that the paraproteins in my blood were very high, and she suspected myeloma. I was absolutely blown away. I had never heard of myeloma; it was the last thing I expected, and it was incurable.

Anyway, here I am, two stem cell transplants and a further relapse later, and on maintenance treatment. Although, I have just walked 15km in glorious spring weather and will head to the gym later. 

What helped you when you were first diagnosed?

When I was first diagnosed, I was at a complete loss as resources were very scarce and grim.

Fortunately, I found Myeloma UK. They have helped my family and me through this journey by being at the end of the line, answering my multitude of questions and translating ‘consultant-speak’ to an understandable level, and providing resources so that I can have a better sense of the treatment options open to me. 

What message or advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed?

Contact Myeloma UK, plain and simple. And be open and honest with family and friends. You quickly discover who your real friends are and are not.

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