I am in remission

Myeloma is a relapsing and remitting cancer and if you’re on this page then you may have recently been told you are in remission.

On this page you’ll find information on how to live well while in remission, the signs of relapse to watch out for and different ways to connect with others in the myeloma community.

What is remission?

Myeloma is a relapsing-remitting cancer, which sets it apart from many other cancers. ‘Relapsing-remitting’ means there are periods when the myeloma is active and causing problems in the body and needs to be treated. Treatment aims to bring the myeloma back under control and provide a period of remission or plateau (where the myeloma is under control at a steady level).

After reaching remission or plateau, many patients will remain well for some time – it may be months or years before the myeloma becomes active again.

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