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£30K donated to Myeloma UK in honour of late mum

Diane Wood passed away from myeloma in 2017, after living with the blood cancer for seven years. As a tribute to his late mum and as a way to help others affected by myeloma, her eldest son Paul decided to donate £30,000 of the money she left both him and his younger brother, Peter, to Myeloma UK.

Fundraising news // 18th December 2018

Paul was living in Phoenix, Arizona when his mother was diagnosed with myeloma. She had visited during Christmas in 2009 and had a lot of back pain. After some encouragement, she visited her doctor who ordered tests for myeloma. These came back negative, but after a bone biopsy a more rare form of the cancer was found.

After a string of initial treatments, Diane spent about four years in remission, being able to attend Paul’s wedding in his childhood home of Herefordshire and deliver a moving ‘Mother of the Groom’ speech. Unfortunately, after a second transplant and more treatment, Diane sadly passed away from myeloma in 2017.

Paul said, “From 2010 to 2017, the myeloma was a constant part of our lives. She was able to meet several of her grandchildren and attend both mine and Peter’s wedding. We had some wonderful times in those years but we wish we had more time with our beautiful mum.”

Diane had left everything to her two sons, and they both decided to donate some of the money to Myeloma UK, “I am 100% confident that mum would be happy to see some of her life’s savings go to a good cause, and we talked a lot over the years about Myeloma UK and the good work it does.”

“I trust the charity to spend the donation where it is needed most. Coming from a research background, both Peter and I fully understand that research into myeloma will take time and resources to make progress. Every little bit helps.”

Claire Holmyard, Individual and Planned Giving Manager said of the donation: “It’s hard to put into words just how much this donation given in memory of Paul’s mum means to Myeloma UK. The family have been an amazing support and we want to pass on our thanks on behalf of every individual and family who benefits from the research and support they have helped to fund.”

The Wood family is no stranger to fundraising for Myeloma UK as Peter frequently takes on the Great North Run with his friend Nick Jellema. Last year, the pair dressed as the Mario brothers and Peter achieved the World Record for ‘Fastest Half Marathon Dressed as a Video Game Character (Male)’.

Paul added, “I think that any donations in someone’s memory are a very personal thing. I feel very confident that if mum was here today, she would approve of helping Myeloma UK so that others who have to deal with Myeloma in future might have a better chance to live with it or even beat it.”

If you would like to donate to Myeloma UK in memory of a loved one, and help us to continue with our important work, please get in touch with our friendly fundraising team: 0131 557 3332/ fundraising@myeloma.org.uk.