Emma’s Big Community Night In

Fundraising news // 26th June 2020

This Myeloma Awareness Week, we’ve been encouraging everyone to hold a Big Community Night In to increase public awareness of myeloma and to help raise vital funds to enable Myeloma UK to continue our patient information and support services, research programmes, and patient advocacy work.

We’re always keen to see how our fundraising ideas work in practice so we spoke to our Digital Marketing Manager, Emma, who held two quizzes to celebrate her birthday and to mark Myeloma Awareness Week.

“My birthday falls during Myeloma Awareness Week so I decided to turn my lockdown birthday celebrations into two Big Community Night Ins, to raise awareness of myeloma and to celebrate the work of the amazing myeloma community. In lieu of presents I asked people to donate to Myeloma UK, and to help those donations flow I also arranged two quizzes to tempt in as many friends and family as possible.”

Emma’s quiz inspiration came from close to home, and she knew just how to tailor it to make it irresistible to family and friends:

“I’ve been hosting Friday Zoom quizzes with the Myeloma UK team since the office closed and it’s a really fun way for everyone to stay connected and relax after a busy week. So for my first Big Community Night In, I knew I had to get everyone involved for a pub quiz with a slight twist! I reached out to a local quizmaster ‘The Roaming Quiz Man’ and gave him some Myeloma UK and birthday related themes which he turned into a personalised quiz – including a famous Buddies round!

Myeloma UK Myeloma Awareness Week Big Community Night In Fundraising

My second quiz will be with my friends and family. I was keen to have a chance to answer some questions rather than be the quizmaster, so I asked my best friend to host this one. I’m excited to see the questions she comes up and to see how my dad does in the music round!”



Emma downloaded our special Myeloma UK Big Community Night In Zoom backgrounds from our website, and she obviously hit the mark as she has exceeded her fundraising target already.  Zoom quizzes are a fun way to raise money for Myeloma UK while staying connected with your friends and family.

There’s still time to host your own Big Community Night In and our webpage has plenty of ideas to inspire you,  or you can pledge to hold one in the future.

We hope you have a great Big Community Night In and we’d like to say a big thank you for all you do – your support makes all the difference.