Day in the life: a myeloma patient

Myeloma patient, Kevin Mott, has created a series of video diaries to document his treatment and show you a day in the life of a myeloma patient.

Patient stories // 3rd April 2019

Kevin Mott lives an active lifestyle – he’s a keen golfer and cyclist and can often be found in the gym and going on long walks with his wife.

In March 2012, Kevin was diagnosed with myeloma after falling from his mountain bike and injuring himself. After many treatments, his condition didn’t improve and blood tests found that he has myeloma. Despite this, Kevin hasn’t let cancer slow him down and has embarked on many adventures, including trekking in Nepal, going skydiving and taking part in fundraising challenges for Myeloma UK.

Kevin put together a video diary documenting his latest round of myeloma treatment to show you the side effects and give an insight into how treatment can affect day-to-day life for a myeloma patient.