First Virtual London-Paris Rider reaches Paris

Fundraising news // 23rd July 2020

Our Virtual London-Paris Ride is well underway with Riders making their way along the Virtual map to Paris at their own pace. Four of our incredible Riders managed to complete the journey within 4 days, just like the real Ride.

We spoke to Paul Cooke, who was the first to make it to Paris, about his experience:


What made you sign up for the Ride?

“I had always wanted to raise money for a charity but never got around to deciding what, where, and how but after my brother was diagnosed with myeloma it was an easy decision to help raise money for this amazing charity. I have also run the Media City 10k, Tatton Park 10k, Yule Romp (10k cross country at Tatton), and Manchester Half Marathon. I wanted another challenge, something a bit different, and when I saw that the London-Paris Ride was canceled but going virtual I knew this was for me. I hope in the future to take part in the actual London to Paris bike ride and hope to raise more for Myeloma UK.”


How did you find doing the Ride virtually?

“The virtual event is a great way to break into distance cycling and go at the event at your own pace with your home creature comforts around you. Using MyVirtualMission is a great bit of software to keep updated with all the riders and help you to push on to your next checkpoint.”

How do you feel about being the first to finish?

“It was a great event and I hope that it will be the first of many. It was nice to see that I was not the only one trying to finish within the four days as per the normal London to Paris bike ride. To finish first is amazing and never thought for one minute that I would be the first. It was great to see people taking part in their own time at their own speed.”

Did you have a strategy for completing such a long distance?

“The only type of strategy that I had was going to split my distance section, so not spending too long in the saddle without a break. Also refueling as much as possible and keeping hydrated, during long events you can lose a lot of fluid so putting the right things back into your body is important.”

Do you have any tips for the other riders completing the challenge?

“It’s possibly the hardest event I have done, but one of the most enjoyable.  Take it at your own pace or compete with the pack, whichever you desire so you don’t have to try and stick with people who can pace you out. Make sure you refuel, drink plenty, rest when you’re tired, and don’t push yourself to breaking point.

And invest in a good pair of padded shorts!”


If Paul has inspired you, there’s still time to sign up for our Virtual London-Paris Ride and cycle to Paris before the 17 August.