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Fundraising in West Sussex heats up for Myeloma UK

After a conversation between myeloma patient Natasha Westall and her sister-in-law Sarah Cuthbertson, a fundraising campaign encouraging people to walk over hot coals, was born.

Fundraising news // 23rd February 2019

Sarah was visiting Natasha in hospital one day, when a conversation sparked an idea;

“Natasha: It’s such a long way for you to come and visit me.

Sarah: Well, if I was in the same position, would you come to me?

Natasha: Well….yes! I’d walk over hot coals for you.”

From there, Sarah started to work up some ideas to raise money for Myeloma UK.

Sarah said, “Seeing my sister-in-law digest the diagnosis of myeloma, from the shock of having to face a terminal illness, to three rounds of chemo, radiotherapy and two stem cell transplants has blown me away.

She has taken every step with dignity and bravery without ever moaning – a lot of us would probably sink into the depths of depression if given the same prognosis especially at the tender age of 35. So, in turn, I wanted to do something that would display a little courage and bravery (though I confess it’s nothing in comparison) to show her I’m with her all the way on this journey that life has thrown her. In doing so, I’m aiming to raise lots of money along the way to help fund the work to find a cure for this cancer that affects so many.”

The Fire Walk will take place at Shipley Primary School on Monday 6 May 2019, with over 30 sign-ups and over £1,000 already raised. It costs £40 to register, with £10 of that fee going towards Myeloma UK. The last remaining places are available on a first come, first served basis. You can join by emailing Sarah directly at

If you are unable to take part, but would like to support Sarah, you can donate via her fundraising page.