History Author aims to help make myeloma history

Other News // 30th September 2020

Gordon Doherty and Sarah Barron-Myeloma UK News story

Following a series of tests earlier this year, Sarah Barron, 46 was diagnosed with myeloma. Understandably, the diagnosis came as a shock to her and husband Gordon, “Sarah’s diagnosis had a seismic impact on our lives. It redefined my understanding of distress, instantly making everything else going on and all the things from the past that I had previously thought of as unpleasant seem completely inconsequential. It has only been two months since diagnosis, but in that short time it has profoundly altered the way I think and what things I value. “

Gordon Doherty and Sarah Barron

Gordon Doherty and Sarah Barron

Sarah had only recently started her own yoga therapy business before her diagnosis, but always found time to also support Gordon’s successful career as a history writer and has always been by his side, acting as a source of inspiration and encouragement whenever they travelled the world to research his next book.

‘Here, Gordon shares why his wife’s experience has inspired him to donate proceeds from his latest book ‘Legionary: Eagles in the Desert’ to Myeloma UK.

“I’m a writer, and I love history, so I spend my time penning historical fiction novels. I live in Scotland, but my heart wanders in the ancient past. I’ve written novels set in the Roman Empire, Byzantium, Classical Greece and the distant Bronze Age. Throughout it all my wife, Sarah, has always been by my side.


Myeloma UK have been brilliant with us. Firstly, by being there as an expert authority. Following diagnosis, there was an initial sense of falling into a dark void. Nobody we spoke to knew what myeloma was, and like us, they would usually just turn pale and gulp at the mention of the word ‘cancer’, especially ‘incurable cancer’. It was utterly terrifying. So, to find an institution like Myeloma UK, devoted to supporting patients and explaining the disease clearly, as well as pushing constantly for better treatments and aspiring to the ultimate goal of a cure, made us feel like we had a grip on everything again, a sense of order, direction and purpose.

It is this positive outlook on life that has caused Gordon and Sarah to act and raise vital funds for Myeloma UK.

“Myeloma is a cancer that can be treated but currently there is no cure. However, recent treatment advancements are encouraging, yet these can only be sustained by funding clinical trials and helping to bring new treatments to offer. Myeloma UK are the greatest hope for UK-based patients in these respects. They are a charity, and rely entirely on donations. Without the kindness of the public, this cruel disease will take people’s loved ones away. That’s why I’m delighted that a donation from my book sales can help the people of the UK beat this disease and change the future. “

You can find out more about Gordon’s fundraising activity by visiting his Just Giving page at: