How to host the perfect coffee morning this Coffee Morning Month

Our fundraising team answers all your burning questions about hosting a fun and safe event, both virtually and in person - and share some tips and tricks to make your coffee morning a success!

Fundraising news // 28th October 2021

I’m looking to host a virtual coffee morning: which video conferencing platform would you recommend?

You can use a platform like Skype, Mircosoft Teams or Zoom, but be aware the free version of Zoom will end after 40 minutes for group calls

Can you recommend any icebreaking games or fun activities to liven things up on the day?

Quizzes, sweepstakes, guess the number of sweets in the jar or baking demonstrations are great fun and work both virtually and in person

How many people would you expect to attend a virtual coffee morning?

You could have as few as two or three people, but the more, the merrier!

What are the benefits or holding a virtual event?

Virtual events are safer for patients and high-risk individuals and will allow them to catch up with family and friends and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and some tasty treats

What is the key to a successful virtual coffee morning?

It doesn’t need to be big and fancy to be successful. Start with the basics and see what else you have time or capacity for

How can I hold a face-to-face coffee morning while maintaining social distancing?

We’d recommend setting out chairs a couple of meters apart in advance. You could also stagger visitors so that there aren’t too many people at once. Holding a ‘drive-by’ cake sale and setting up a table in your drive, and inviting neighbours to come by and buy cakes is also a good idea

What are the benefits of holding a face-to-face fundraiser?

It creates more of an experience – and, this way, people get easy access to coffee and cakes. It also allows you to invite people who may not have access to online platforms

What advice would you give anyone looking to host or attend a coffee morning in person?

The most important thing is your health. If you’re feeling worried about getting together face-to-face, consider hosting or attending a virtual coffee morning instead. If you’re doing an in-person event, remember to wash your hands regularly, don’t share cups and plates, and keep a safe distance

How does holding a coffee morning help Myeloma UK?

Any amount you manage to raise will help us support myeloma patients and their families and fund vital research

  • £20 could send our GP Diagnostic tool to 15 GPs, helping them to spot myeloma sooner
  • £60 could provide an hour of free support to a myeloma patient or family member through our Myeloma Infoline
  • £125 could help us gather evidence for a drug appraisal to ensure effective treatments like lenalidomide are available on the NHS
  • £1,000 could support the development of a clinical trial to give patients early access to new drugs and therapies

We hope you have a fantastic time getting together for Coffee Morning Month this November. If you have any questions, please email Visit for more information.