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Life During Lockdown: Meet Scott Nunn, myeloma patient

Myeloma UK news // 27th April 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected all myeloma patients in different ways, but treatment remains an issue of concern for all patients. Here, Scott Nunn shares his experiences, his concerns and his hopes for the future:

“On March 9th I had just finished my six-month course of chemo and was ready to have a month off all drugs in the lead up to my stem cell harvest and then my transplant in April. I was already planning to go into isolation, I just didn’t expect the whole world to follow suit!
My transplant has been delayed for at least three months. Fortunately, my stem cell harvest was brought forward by a week. There was a concern that it wouldn’t happen, as the teams at UCLH were becoming very short staffed. Instead of preparing for the harvest over eight days, we had to do it in four, although on the day of the harvest, they collected over 5 million stems cells, one million more than they needed.

Scott Nunn

I feel relieved that my transplant is going to be delayed. I don’t want to have no immune system whilst Covid-19 is going strong. I’m back at Guy’s Cancer Centre and have been put on more chemo in tablet form until the transplant. “

Although the stay at home guidance from the government has meant a change in nearly everyone’s personal circumstances, it was something that Scott was ready for:

“My partner and I are both in complete isolation. I’m very lucky to have my parents and brother live close by. They are shopping for us and bringing food to the door.  Tris and I have worked together for our whole relationship, 19 years, so being home together and working is not a problem for us. I actually love being at home. But we both are missing going for long walks and exercising right now.
Even though I’m in good shape, and I’ve responded to the treatment very well so far, it worries me how long it will be until my transplant.”

Scott, like all patients, is keen to stay as up to date as possible with any new information concerning COVID-19 and has looked to Myeloma UK to provide guidance, support and reassurance during this difficult time:

“Last Friday I was given my new course of tablets at Guy’s Cancer Centre and handed booklets on the new drugs, produced by Myeloma UK. The booklets that Myeloma UK provides for all treatment and drugs have been invaluable. It’s always very clear and puts me at ease. I can also share them with my family and friends, who then get a better understanding of my healthcare.”

The guidance that Myeloma UK provides is comprehensively researched and peer reviewed which Scott feels can help reduce the strain on the NHS and gives patients confidence when planning for the future:

“The Myeloma UK Info Hub for COVID-19 is the first place I will go to for advice. I was told in my first meeting not to google any information and just to use the Myeloma UK website and booklets, and to call my cancer team when needed. It’s been the best advice given to me.”

Scott feels that there a number of reasons to continue to financially support Myeloma UK:

“Being in isolation is harming people’s mental and physical health, living with cancer on top of this is extremely hard. Lots of people will be stressed about their treatments and transplants. We need reassurance, calm, and advice, and this comes from Myeloma UK.

I’m keeping positive and staying strong for the future so I want to keep making plans for when all of this is over. I’m really looking forward to just being able to walk outside again. I’ve gone for one walk in the last five weeks and that was to the hospital. I can’t wait for some hugs from family and friends and to sit in a coffee shop in the sunshine.”

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