Miles for Myeloma: Lydia’s 21 mile running challenge

Myeloma UK supporter, Lydia took part in our Miles for Myeloma challenge by running 21 miles, 21 times in the space of 12 months!

Fundraising news // 27th May 2019

If you’d like to raise funds for Myeloma UK, our Miles for Myeloma challenge is a great way to show your support and get active.

Throughout the year, challenge yourself through walking, running, cycling, swimming or any activity of your choice. Complete the challenge solo, or get together with family and friends, you could even challenge each other and see who can complete the most miles!

Help us reach our goal of raising £100k this year and continue our vital work.

There are many ways to take on the challenge so you can choose what works best for you and it can be personalised any way you like. Last year, Myeloma UK supporter Lydia took on our 21 Miles for Myeloma challenge. Read on to learn about her experience…

Lydia lives in Warwickshire and works as a physiotherapist. She has enjoyed running for many years and knew she would be able to run 21 miles relatively easily. So, to challenge herself, she decided to run 21 miles 21 times within 12 months!Myeloma UK supporter Lydia running for Miles for Myeloma challenge

She was diagnosed with Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) many years ago and has had a number of bone marrow biopsies.

When asked about why she wanted to raise funds, she said, “I have been supported by some wonderful medical and nursing staff. I have been given access to information around myeloma progression, treatment and research, and I felt I wanted to give something back”.

Lydia thinks it’s important to raise awareness of myeloma in the UK because “until my diagnosis with MGUS I had never heard of myeloma, and even now when I speak to other people I find most people are not aware of it. Knowing more about myeloma means that those people who are diagnosed immediately have somewhere they can access support, information and advice”.

Although the challenge did not go how Lydia had planned, she was still able to complete it. “Initially, my plan was to run 21 miles twice per month. However, due to changing circumstances and a new job, I only managed to complete nine runs before Christmas 2018; this meant I still had 12 to complete between January and the end of March 2019. I actually completed either one or two 21 mile runs every week in the last three months of the challenge.”

“The biggest thing learned from the challenge was the realisation that you can actually achieve so much more than you ever really think you can if you have a sense of purpose. I have run for 15 years or more and yet I would have never have believed that I could pretty much run a marathon a week for 12 weeks! I am so happy that in completing this I managed to raise over £1,000 for Myeloma UK”.

Thanks to Lydia for taking on this challenge and raising money for Myeloma UK. If you would like to take on our Miles for Myeloma challenge this year, sign up now.