Myeloma Awareness Week –  In Mye Own Words campaign

Ahead of Myeloma Awareness Week I wanted tell you about this year’s campaign and how you can be involved.

Myeloma Awareness Week is always about sharing the signs and symptoms of myeloma. One of our biggest challenges right now is, how do we reach people who haven’t heard of myeloma? How do we get them to take notice of the symptoms and get themselves checked if something isn’t right?

We also know that the medical language around symptoms can be quite formal and doesn’t always fit with how people describe them.

So, we reached out to you, and we asked our community to tell us how you would describe your symptoms, and our campaign, In Mye Own Words, was born.

What is the In Mye Own Words campaign?

This Myeloma Awareness Week you will see a series of animated posts on our social media channels that use people’s real-life experiences to give a voice to their symptoms. As the campaign says, it’s myeloma in their words. We know that their words might not be the same thing you experienced, or conversely, they could be hard to read because they are very similar to what you went through, but it is their words so it’s important that we share them.

The words have been animated or drawn to convey the feeling described. One of the descriptions of fatigue talks about feeling like a “toy that had run out of battery”; you’ll see in the animation that the words “run out” drain of their colour.

It looks a bit different from our usual campaigns, but that’s because we are trying something new. We are trying to reach those people who have never heard of myeloma so we need to stand out in their busy social media feed.  

We are also really excited to let you know that we’ve developed a symptom translator to help facilitate conversation between people and their GPs. This means if someone sees the campaign and they are experiencing something similar, they can print off the translator and take it to the GP to help explain their symptoms. The translator has several real descriptions and translates them into the medical terms. We’ve also included all the information that GPs need if they want to learn more about myeloma, or if they need to order tests.

So how can you help?

Firstly, we would love it if you could download and print off the symptom translator and take some to your local GP practice. The more GPs who are thinking myeloma when people present with symptoms, the better.

Make sure you add your details so we can track how many GPs we reach with the symptom translator.

Secondly, it would be great if you were able to share the social media campaign. We will be posting different symptoms each day; they are individual supporters’ real words. Please share them as far and as wide as you can.  If you want to you can add your very own words and share the campaign using #InMyeOwnWords

We’re really excited to share this campaign with you.

Thank you to everyone who shared their descriptions of symptoms with us, you’ve made this campaign so powerful by giving your voice to it.

Too many people with myeloma face significant delays in diagnosis, together we can change that. Together, we are the cure.

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