Myeloma Grand Round speeds up diagnosis at Middlesex hospital

An educational event on myeloma held at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust sees two patients with kidney problems diagnosed with myeloma after non-haematology colleagues spot symptoms. Myeloma UK is encouraging other hospitals to hold the same Grand Round events to help promote early diagnosis.

Myeloma UK news // 28th May 2018

As part of our 21st Year, Myeloma UK is encouraging hospitals around the country to hold a Myeloma Grand Round to help promote awareness and improve time to diagnosis.

A Grand Round is a hospital-wide educational event where a specialist presents information about a particular condition to other doctors, nurses etc. They are an excellent way to keep healthcare professionals up to date with the latest developments within areas that are out with their usual practice.

Dr Neil Rabin (Consultant Haematologist) and Dr Kushani Ediriwickrema (Haematology Registrar) supported by Millicent Blake-McCoy (Clinical Nurse Specialist) held a Grand Round at the end of April in North Middlesex Hospital, London. They used slides provided by Myeloma UK and the UK Myeloma Forum, as well as three case studies, to illustrate delays they have seen in patient diagnosis.

Dr Rabin said that the presentation was well received and encouraged a lot of discussion about how the hospital could do better in identifying

myeloma symptoms in patients.

“Following our Grand Round, two patients with kidney problems were identified as myeloma patients and started treatment within a few days.  We are grateful to our colleagues in other departments for their assistance in identifying patients with suspected myeloma.”

Myeloma UK can provide a range of resources from slide templates, to copies of the Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway, pens and notepads for your Grand Round. If you would like to hold a Grand Round, please contact  for more information.