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Myeloma Patient, Tom Arms, featured on 24 Hours in A and E

Patient stories // 27th November 2019

Tom Arms was diagnosed with myeloma shortly after he broke his arm when lifting a garden pot.

Following a further trip to A and E at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, with another broken arm due to an unfortunate accident, Tom was approached to take part in the Channel 4 programme, 24 hours in A and E.

As an American journalist and Author who has lived in the UK since 1971, Tom saw this as an opportunity to help raise awareness of myeloma on a national scale.  The show aired on 25 November, 2019 and allowed Tom and his wife Eileen Riley-a former US diplomat, the opportunity to share their journey and hopes for the future.

Having formed an international news service company alongside Eileen- Future Events News Service-Tom is well aware of the advantages of using the media to help raise awareness of myeloma.

“I decided to take part on the show to help raise awareness of the symptoms of myeloma and to show people that you can live with this disease and there is very much hope for the future”

It is this drive to raise awareness and continue to have a positive outlook that has led Tom to start planning how he can help raise funds for Myeloma UK in the future

“A diagnosis of cancer focusses your mind beautifully on what is important. I would very much like to take two months to cycle round Britain to raise money for Myeloma UK with talks, podcasts, and interviews. I also plan to write a book, using the cycle ride as a peg upon which to hand my observations of Britain over half a century. I plan to start raising money with lectures a year before I set off.”

You can watch Tom’s appearance on 24 Hours in A and E on the Channel 4 website.