Myeloma UK appoints new Director of Research

Myeloma UK are delighted to announce the appointment of Sarah McDonald as the new Director of Research. Sarah brings with her a wealth of expertise and experience and will lead the Myeloma UK research and patient advocacy teams in advancing the organisation’s impact within the blood cancer research community.

Sarah McDonald

Sarah McDonald

Before joining Myeloma UK, Sarah led the research programme for Sarcoma UK as Director of Research and Policy, playing a pivotal role in £870,000 worth of funding being allocated to Clinical, Lab-based and Genomic research.

Sarah has a clinical background in Histopathology (the microscopic examination of tissue in order to study the manifestations of disease), which have involved several senior laboratory-based roles within the NHS and University medical departments throughout her career. In addition to leading on a number of cancer research projects, Sarah has also a successful background in creating new research events, symposiums, support line services and developing PhD studentship programmes.

Speaking about her new role, Sarah McDonald said:

“I am delighted to be joining Myeloma UK as the Director of Research. The organisation has done so much for patients not just in treatment access and new treatment development but also the outstanding support services that we provide to anyone affected by a diagnosis of myeloma.

My research background has centred on diagnosis and the power of using samples for research to investigate diagnostic and prognostic markers for cancer. Having spent the last 25 years working in cancer, I have seen the positive impact that effective research can have, and Myeloma UK are committed to finding answers so that patients can have longer and better lives to spend with their families. I can’t wait to get started and build on the excellent work that the MUK trials are doing so that we can help ensure that new treatment options will be available for patients in the future.

Speaking about the appointment, Marc Gordon, Myeloma UK Chairman said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Sarah McDonald to Myeloma UK. Sarah has outstanding experience in research management and patient advocacy within the cancer research sector. Her impressive skills and knowledge will be a huge asset to our organisation.”

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