Myeloma UK at ASH: bringing the world of research to you 

Welcome to Myeloma UK’s coverage of ASH 2023! Over the coming weeks and months, you will hear from Myeloma UK as we share our experiences and learnings from the world’s largest haematology conference.

ASH, short for the American Society of Haematology’s annual meeting, is a global gathering of haematology experts and will take place from 9–12 December. But what happens there, and why is it important for people affected by myeloma?

What is ASH?

ASH brings together over 25,000 medical and research professionals from all over the world. Their shared goal? To improve management, treatment and even cure blood diseases, including cancers like myeloma.

At ASH, world-class haematology experts unveil the latest research, discuss groundbreaking treatments, and scrutinise recent clinical trial results. Peer-to-peer conversations spark new ideas, fostering innovation in myeloma patient healthcare.

Among these, Myeloma UK-funded research specialists ensure your voice resonates on the world stage through patient-informed research.

ASH is the place to be to ensure up-to-date knowledge on the most life-changing research for people affected by myeloma.

What is Myeloma UK doing at ASH?

We are excited to share that we will be putting patient needs right at the heart of ASH, starting with sharing our research led by Dr Sandra Quinn, our Principal Researcher in Applied Health Research. Sandra’s research focuses on the impact of delayed diagnosis for myeloma patients, and she is one of the well-respected experts taking the lead at ASH.

We won’t just be sharing our research. Myeloma UK will be there to learn and bring the knowledge back to you, the patients, and family members here in the UK.

We will also be taking the time to meet with other myeloma charities and experts from around the world to build global collaborations and merge expertise, ultimately working towards making myeloma history.

How can you get involved?

ASH is taking place from 9–12 December, and this year, we want to bring the myeloma knowledge to you at home. Here’s what you can do to stay informed and get involved:

Stay connected and informed: Follow us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok) to hear what our attendees are most excited about at ASH and for real-time updates from 9-12 December.

Check out the News from ASH hub page: This is where you’ll find all our latest information from ASH on research and treatments in the pipeline.

Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter: Stay informed about all things myeloma.

Have your say: Keep an eye out for our social poll in the lead-up to ASH. This is your opportunity to let us know which topics you want to hear about!

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