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Myeloma UK announces Chief Executive to stand down

We have today announced that Rosemarie Finley is moving on from her role as Chief Executive.  Rosemarie has decided that dividing her time between Edinburgh, London and her home in Buckinghamshire is unsustainable, and although we respect her decision, we are sorry to see her go.

Myeloma UK news // 14th November 2018

We very much appreciate the contribution Rosemarie has made to Myeloma UK.  In particular, she has driven forward the plans to scope a UK-wide patient registry that is long overdue and she has spearheaded a number of collaborations around the major issue of early diagnosis, to help make progress in this vital area of our work.  Her commitment to helping myeloma patients cope better with everything a diagnosis brings has been greatly valued and we wish her well in her future endeavours.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding Executive Leadership Team (ELT) who will work closely with Rosemarie during the handover.  Lynn Wallace, our Director of Finance and Operations will then be responsible for day to day operational matters, working closely with her ELT colleagues and the Board until a new Chief Executive is appointed.

The team at Myeloma UK continues to be wholly dedicated to the core mission of the organisation, which is to fundamentally change the landscape for myeloma patients.  We remain focused on driving forward our strategy for extending and improving the lives of patients and making a significant contribution to the ultimate identification of a cure for myeloma.