Myeloma UK joins NCRI partnership

Research news // 5th May 2021

Myeloma UK are delighted to join The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) as a partner. The NCRI is a partnership of cancer research funders working together to deliver better outcomes for all those affected by cancer.

Why did Myeloma become NCRI Partners?

Like Myeloma UK, the NCRI are advocates of patient-centred research. They promote patient involvement to ensure research projects focus on and deliver the benefits patients need – something we are very passionate about. They also focus on early diagnosis, living with and beyond cancer and clinical trials which are key parts of the Myeloma UK strategy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how collaborating towards a common goal can achieve great results. However, it has also impacted cancer research and the lives of cancer patients. Therefore, it is more important than ever for cancer research funders to work together to continue to advance cancer research.

NCRI CEO, Dr Iain Frame, said:
“We are looking forward to having Myeloma UK working with us in the NCRI Partnership. Myeloma UK focuses on several areas that are aligned with NCRI’s fundamental principles and scientific priorities including early diagnosis and living with and beyond cancer.”

Myeloma UK Director of Research, Sarah McDonald, said:
“As NCRI Partners, we are looking forward to being involved in discussions defining cancer research priorities and plans in the UK. By being involved in the Partnership, we can represent myeloma patients in these important discussions so that their needs are heard and considered.”

What are the benefits of joining the NCRI Partnership?

As Partners of NCRI, Myeloma UK will be able to share their expertise with other cancer research funders and learn from them. We will also make connections with other funders that can lead to exciting and innovative research collaborations to improve patient outcomes.

NCRI’s Partners include cancer research charities and funding bodies representing all four nations of the United Kingdom. NCRI Partners work together to coordinate their research and aim to avoid unnecessary duplication and maximise the impact of research for cancer patients and the public.