Myeloma UK launches new research grant into living well with myeloma

There’s no denying that we have seen incredible advances in the treatment and care of myeloma over the last 25 years. Life expectancy over that time has quadrupled. There are now 9 different treatment options available in more than 13 combinations. There is so much reason for hope.

But we know that living with myeloma can be tough. In our Unmet and Emerging Needs research you told us that the reality of being on treatments for 5,10…20 years is hard, not only psychologically but also because of the side effects.

As part of our A Life Worth Living research, you told us about the huge impact that myeloma, particularly a delayed diagnosis, has on your quality of life. People are living with the life-changing consequences of myeloma, which can mean mobility issues, pain because of bone damage, and constant fatigue. You have also told us about the serious psychological impact of living with an incurable cancer; and how the constant watching and waiting for results has a profound impact on your mental health.

We know we can do more in this area. That’s why last week we opened funding for research into work to improve the quality of life for people living with myeloma. This research is open to anyone who works directly with myeloma patients. We really want projects that will have an impact immediately. We want everyone who is living with myeloma to live well for as long as possible and this funding is part of that journey.

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