Myeloma UK offers new patient information dispensers to hospitals

The Myeloma UK Patient Information team have developed a new range of dispensers for hospitals to display publications for myeloma patients. 

Other News // 7th February 2020


New Myeloma UK patient information dispenser The new dispensers follow up on our pilot scheme in 2017, and we can now offer the choice of free-standing carousels and wall-mounted dispensers, both with the capacity to display a wide range of our publications.

The dispensers are already in use in 24 hospitals around the UK. Some dispensers have been placed into waiting areas for access by patients, while others are providing convenient access to our publications by staff during clinics.



Feedback so far has been very positive:

“It makes my life so much easier to wheel it in and out of a cupboard on clinic days, rather than getting all the books out like a librarian!”

“The patients like that all the info is available at their leisure and is beautifully organised. Our professors were also impressed with how professional it makes the clinic look.” 


Both styles of dispenser are free to order and can be delivered with a set of our most popular publications to stock the dispensers.


Jill Williams, Patient Information Officer, said:

“We know that relevant, accurate information is vital for myeloma patients, so we hope that they will benefit from better access to our information through these dispensers. Our publication dispensers have generated a lot of interest from hospitals already, and we have been delighted by the positive feedback we have received.”


Hospitals are able to order up to two dispensers of either style. The carousel dispenser is 169cm high with a 47x47cm lockable wheeled base, and the wall-mounted dispenser is 76cm wide x 79cm high.

To order a dispenser or for more information, email or call 0131 557 3332.