Myeloma UK passes AMRC peer review audit 2020

Research news // 3rd June 2021

We are pleased to announce that Myeloma UK has passed the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) peer review audit 2020.

The audit is completed every five years and ensures that AMRC members continue to meet the high standards set for funding reviews and decisions. It is a mark of quality verifying that research charities have the right processes in place to fund the best research and researchers.

As part of the audit the AMRC collects benchmarking data on how funding decisions are made at each member organisation to ensure that every member is keeping pace with best practice.

Peer review is currently the best way for medical research charities to decide what research to fund. In peer review, research funding proposals are appraised by independent experts with knowledge and interest in the subject area. This is usually done anonymously to enable open and constructive criticism.

The peer review process helps charities maximise the impact of their funding and deliver changes that really matter to their supporters and stakeholders so that patients benefit from the research.

Sarah McDonald, Director of Research at Myeloma UK said: 

“Passing the AMRC 2020 peer review audit shows that the research Myeloma UK invests in has been through a rigorous review process which meets best practice in the UK. This gives our donors further reassurance that we are funding quality research that will help improve the lives of myeloma patients.”