Myeloma UK wins ‘Special Award’ at BMA Patient Information Awards

The Myeloma UK Patient Information team is celebrating after winning first prize in the Easy Read category at this year’s British Medical Institute (BMA) Patient Information Awards.

Myeloma UK news // 2nd October 2018

The new Easy Read publication titled How is myeloma treated? has been awarded the ‘Special Award – Easy Read – First Prize’ at this year’s BMA Patient Information Awards. This is the first time a Myeloma UK publication has won a Special Award at the awards.

All of the Easy Read publications were produced to address the need for diversity in formats of information available to myeloma patients. Their purpose is to explain clearly and succinctly various aspects of myeloma in an open and accessible way.

They were initially developed using in-house expertise and later reviewed by healthcare professionals and services users of organisations who support people with learning disabilities.

Reviewer of the winning publication, Ms Jane E Teather, Information Design Consultant at JETDoc said, “I am impressed by this resource which takes some difficult, complex and potentially distressing messages and makes them accessible for people who would otherwise struggle to comprehend and/or accept them. I like the design, which is great for reading together with a carer, and which focuses on each message individually, so people can take it one step at a time. Text and graphics are combined in an easily accessible layout.

“The booklet should be great for most of the audience, especially as it is in suitable format to be read together with a friend/carer or healthcare professional, leaving space to add notes or highlights if necessary. The ebook format may be preferred by some readers. Considerable effort has been put into its development. It is a high-quality resource, which forms part of a comprehensive programme of support.”

Another Easy Read publication, How will myeloma affect me? was highly commended and joins a list of other Myeloma UK publications also highly commended at the BMA Patient Information Awards over the years.

Of this publication, the judges said, “This is an excellent resource and a welcome addition to genuinely Easy Read patient health information resources. The use of text and images complement each other and are appropriate for the audience. The information is also available online for those who prefer this method of reading information.”

Alice Baron, Patient Information Manager, Myeloma UK who worked on the publications said, “I am thrilled that two of our newest publications have been recognised for their high quality by the BMA. This is the first time we have produced publications in this style and I am particularly pleased to win the Easy Read Special Award. Information plays a vital role in empowering myeloma patients to cope with their diagnosis and it needs to be in a format that works them. I hope those who read these publications find them as useful and as high quality as the judges did.”

All of our Easy Read publications can be found here, along with a range of other resources.

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