Sister and Brother unite to raise awareness and funds for Myeloma UK

Lorna Dunn and her brother Russell Silsbury-Basey are taking on a number of tough challenges to help raise awareness of myeloma.

Fundraising news // 28th October 2019

Lorna Dunn was diagnosed with Myeloma in 2018 following an initial diagnosis of MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance) in 2011.  Since her diagnosis Lorna has been determined to raise awareness of myeloma, and in particular help improve access to treatment for myeloma patients such as Revlimid at the first line stage of treatment.

When asked about her activity, Lorna said “I knew I was in for a tough time with the stem cell transplant, but I understood it would give me the best chance of some remission time before the myeloma inevitably comes back. Those at the forefront of Myeloma research assure us patients that they are working on the development of, and equally importantly NICE approval of, newer drugs which are more effective and with fewer side effects. I and other myeloma patients have hope for a cure within our lifetimes and the sooner this can be achieved, the less transplants myself or others may have to go through and the longer we may live for. Hearing about the work of Myeloma UK and their commitment to improving access to treatment for patients and invest in research has inspired me to get involved by raising awareness and helping raise as much money as possible. To help promote my activity I’ve set up a Twitter feed @MyelomaRace which also links to a blog which I have started soon after diagnosis.  I found it helped to write things out and it also meant I could share my thoughts and learnings with others.”

Lorna has so far raised just over £3000 and her brother Russell Silsbury-Basey is also showing support for his sister and for Myeloma UK by taking part in a number of tough physical challenges to raise vital funds. So far he has raised over £2000 by participating in a variety of events such as the Yorkshire 3-peak challenge, a Skydive, the Outlaw Triathlon and most recently Ironman Wales. Speaking about his fundraising efforts, Russell said “Lorna has been very positive through all of this and still has the same life, hopes and dreams. I cannot complete the painful journey she has to take, but I can try and share in some kind of pain through my physical challenges, making a positive contribution to the research and work undertaken by Myeloma UK.”

Commenting on her brother’s fundraising efforts, Lorna said “Russell has been an inspiration and has also set out to raise funds and awareness. We haven’t set any grand fundraising target as I really do think that whatever anyone can give is very much appreciated by myself and thousands of others, and the money will be used efficiently and effectively by Myeloma UK.”

If you would like to support Lorna and Russell you can find out more information on Lorna’s blog and on their JustGiving Pages:

Lorna Jane Dunn

Russell Silsbury-Basey