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Tips for travelling with myeloma

Patient advocacy news // 24th April 2017

Going on holiday can be one of the highlights of the year but after a myeloma diagnosis, many of our supporters who are affected by myeloma feel unsure of what they need to keep in mind when planning their getaway.

We’ve put together some of our top tips for the holiday season. You can find more information like this in our travelling Infosheet and our travel insurance Infosheet.


It is always a good idea to chat through your holiday plans with your doctor, especially if you are currently receiving treatment for your myeloma. Check that they are happy for you to travel before you make arrangements.

Once you get the all clear to travel, most doctors will be happy to write a letter for you to carry with you on your trip, outlining your previous and current treatment, as well as details about your myeloma. This could be invaluable should you fall ill whilst you are away. It is very important that you have enough drugs with you to last for your whole trip and it is sensible to carry extra in case of any unforeseen delays.


If you know that you will need to have treatments like infusions or injections whilst you are away in a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, then you will need to apply for an S2 form, which allows you to receive state-funded treatment. The treatment will be provided under the same conditions of care and payment available to residents of that country, so this could mean you will need to pay a percentage of the costs personally.


Do you need vaccinations to travel to your chosen destination? As most people with myeloma have a weakened immune system, there will be restrictions on which vaccinations are safe for you to receive. Check with your doctor or nurse well in advance of your trip.

Travel insurance

Getting travel insurance can be more difficult when you have myeloma, so it’s a good idea to start looking as soon as you can and even before you book your holiday. Insurance for travel to some countries, particularly the US and Canada, can often be difficult to obtain and very expensive. Our travel insurance Infosheet explains more.

Download our Infosheets

You can find lots more information and tips to make your holiday a success by downloading our travel Infosheet and our travel insurance Infosheet.

You can also find out more about which travel insurance companies will make a donation to Myeloma UK when you purchase your plan here.

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