Volunteer highlight – David Taylor

Well done to David Taylor, our latest highlighted volunteer.  

Since being chosen to be our highlighted volunteer, David has sadly passed away. We’re so grateful for everything David did for us.

We’re very fortunate to have so many volunteers throughout the charity who give their time to support our work.

This includes people who raise funds by setting their own challenges and taking part in organised events, such as the London Marathon. We’re sharing David’s story as a “thank you” to him and to all of you who give your time to us.

David’s diagnosis

David first noticed the symptoms of myeloma in late summer/early autumn of 2022 where he started to suffer from neck, shoulder and arm pain while undertaking his annual hedge cutting for a neighbouring farm. After visiting a physiotherapist with no results, he visited his GP for an examination and pain relief before going on his yearly holiday to Cornwall.

Whilst on holiday, he booked a private MRI scan which lead to a referral to a neurosurgeon and specialist diagnostic team. In January 2023, he was given the diagnosis of myeloma.

Giving back

In January 2023, David started receiving chemotherapy and in June 2023 had a high dose therapy and a stem cell transplant.

David said: “I was in awe of the support from Myeloma UK. Looking at their website, I was also taken aback by the number of stories of people giving back to the charity following their diagnosis. I decided that, when I felt well enough, it would be my turn to give back to others.”

The Cycling Challenge

By January 2024, David was feeling well in himself and decided it was a good time to take on a cycling challenge. He chose to cycle for 52 days and completed around 1,280 miles, an average of 22-23 miles per day.  He started the challenge one year to the day after being diagnosed with myeloma and cycled pain free for 52 days.

David explained: “I actively chose to start the cycle in January as part of the challenge, knowing that the weather would be a factor.  Generally I cycled routes that were back roads, avoiding busy roads, so was mostly on my own. The wind was the worst part, it was hard going cycling for 7 or 8 miles into the wind. I deliberately cycled into the wind at the start of my cycles so that it blew me home!”

He added: “I’m proud that I managed to cycle for 52 days consecutively as I didn’t think I would manage it because of the weather. The highlight was the final day, as my friends and family lined the route so I had support all the way round. I’m delighted to have raised over £5,000.”

Unfortunately, a few weeks after completing his challenge, David relapsed.

Family Fundraising

David’s middle son and sister ran the London Marathon virtually in 2023, and raised a further £7,674.70. In addition, a Simulated Clay Pigeon Shoot organised by his eldest son, raised £4,500, giving a total of over £17000 excluding gift aid.

David said: “As a family we like a challenge and always want to push things that bit further. I’m grateful to my family for joining me in fundraising for Myeloma UK, it feels like a real team effort.

We’re so grateful to volunteers like David.

To find out more about volunteering with Myeloma UK, please email volunteering@myeloma.org.uk. 

David’s fundraising page has now been extended until 11th January 2025 and has been changed to a memorial fund.

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