Volunteer highlight – Jane Hogan

Well done to Jane Hogan, our highlighted volunteer!

We’re very fortunate to have so many volunteers throughout the charity who give their time to support our work.

This includes people who share their story to help us raise awareness of myeloma through our campaigns. We’re sharing Jane’s story as a “thank you” to her and to all of you who give your time to us.

Jane’s symptoms

Jane was diagnosed with myeloma in March 2020, seven months after first visiting her GP with severe back pain.

Aged 54 at the time, her back was fractured in 12 places and her breastbone was broken.

Jane said: “Doctors who saw me after I had been admitted to A&E in hospital asked if I had been in a car accident, fallen down some stairs or been attacked. I had lost 3 inches in height and my back now looks like a question mark. My right leg would swell and I had also started to bruise really easily.”

Motivation to share her story

Jane is keen to tell people about the symptoms she had and ask GPs to think about whether a patient may have myeloma.

“I don’t want anyone to go through a similar experience, to be in pain for months like I was. It will be worth sharing my story even if one person suggests myeloma when they go to their GP with a sore back or leg”.


Jane jumped at the chance to help publicise Myeloma Awareness Week in June.

“Myeloma UK was a brilliant source of information and support to me, and meeting staff there has been the highlight of volunteering.

I helped with the awareness campaign by recording voiceovers for social media clips as well as talking about my experience to be used in press articles. Although it has been an emotional process, it’s been therapeutic to talk openly and to know that I can make a difference to others.

My wish for the future is to see my grandchildren grow up.”

Thank you so much to Jane for being our highlighted volunteer!

To find out more about volunteering with Myeloma UK, please email volunteering@myeloma.org.uk.

To read more about Jane’s story, see https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-13550575/GP-told-mum-muscle-ache-later-diagnosed-incurable-blood-cancer.html

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