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Volunteer highlight – Kayleigh Roe

Congratulations to Kayleigh Roe, our highlighted volunteer for January 2024!

We’re so grateful to our fantastic volunteers who give their time to support our work. This includes people who become a Peer Buddy to support individual patients or carers and those who lead Support Groups that meet locally or online. 

A big thank you to Kayleigh and to everyone who gives their time to us.  

Accessing information  

Kayleigh’s partner Mart was diagnosed with myeloma in 2020 after experiencing extreme back pain and being admitted to hospital for several weeks. Because Mart was hospitalised during lockdown, Kayleigh wasn’t able to be there when his consultant and Clinical Nurse Specialist were explaining myeloma. His clinical team did, however, pass on Myeloma UK publications and recommended our website. Speaking about this, Kayleigh said: 

“I think I read the whole Myeloma UK website while Mart was in hospital. It was incredibly useful to see that information. I felt less isolated and that there were other people who had gone through a similar experience.” 

Sharing their story 

A few years later, in 2022, Kayleigh had the opportunity to speak at our London Patient and Carer Infoday event, presenting to an audience of over 100 people. Kayleigh wanted to share her experiences that others might find relatable – to help them feel less alone and give them some hope. When talking about the experience, she said:

“I’m quite a shy person, and I don’t like giving presentations at work. My first thought when I walked into the auditorium was, ‘wow, that’s a big room’! But it was a great experience for me, even though it was challenging. Talking about how myeloma affects me and Mart is a normal conversation – I live it day to day.”   

Supporting friends and family of people with myeloma  

Kayleigh’s personal highlight of her volunteering has been providing one-to-one support as a Peer Buddy: 

“I feel like a proud mum at the end of our sessions together! I can hear that I’ve helped people to understand what’s happening and feel more confident that they can cope with what is ahead.”  

In 2023, Kayleigh took on a new role as lead of the online Friends and Family Support Group. Talking about the role, she said:  

“It’s important for friends and family of people with myeloma to have a safe space to share their experiences and relate to others going through the same. Connecting as a group is so valuable, and I get a lot out of being with people who understand me.” 

“I volunteer with Myeloma UK because I recognise that people who have gone through this before me and Mart have given their time to help, which we’ve gone on to benefit from. So, I’m giving back for the next people down the line, to make a difference to them by sharing my knowledge and experience”. 

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with Myeloma UK, please email volunteering@myeloma.org.uk.  

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