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Be a peer buddy

Becoming a peer buddy is a great way to share your experience and support others in the myeloma community

Sometimes when living with myeloma, you just want to talk to someone who understands what you are going through, and a Peer Buddy is just that. Peer Buddies are trained volunteers with experience of myeloma or supporting someone with myeloma. Peer Buddies will provide up to six sessions of telephone or video support on a one-on-one basis over up to six weeks.

Peers are ‘buddied’ up according to individual circumstances and experiences. Patients are buddied with fellow patients and family members/carers are buddied with other family members/carers. As myeloma is a very individual cancer, Myeloma UK ask all volunteers and people referred into the service to complete a questionnaire about their medical experiences and life circumstances in order to ‘match’ people together.

If you would like to apply to be Peer Buddy and share your experiences with other people, see our Peer Buddy Infosheet which contains the role description and person specification, along with frequently asked questions.

Successful volunteers will attend a comprehensive two-day training session, delivered online. Regular follow-up support will also be provided on an ongoing basis.

We’re not currently recruiting for Peer Buddies.

However, if this has sparked your interest and you’d like to use your experience to help support others, please get in touch at to find out when our next round of volunteer recruitment is taking place.

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