Our values

Our values are the principles that help guide us as an organisation and define the relationship with our stakeholders.

Our values help make us unique; together, they shape the way we behave as an organisation and assist us in our goal to make myeloma history.  We value:

Excellence – We constantly strive for excellence in everything we are involved with, helping us achieve consistently high standards while offering well-informed support. We have expert knowledge, delivering quality in everything we do.

Compassionate – Our understanding nature underpins all conversations, meetings and interactions. This warmth helps us empathise with people in difficult situations, offering support while being thoughtful and considerate colleagues.

Passionate – Our passion encourages us to go over and above, channelling our energy positively to make significant, measurable progress. We believe in what we do. Our desire to find a cure is unstoppable, as is our drive to help those affected.

Collaborative – We are united behind our goal of finding a cure for myeloma. To achieve this, we work with and support a wide variety of stakeholders to drive progress. This collaborative approach empowers us to work as a team, share progress, knowledge and involve the right people.

Innovative – We are always searching for new ways to challenge myeloma. Our work progresses new drugs and treatments; influences policy and encourages positive change. Our ability to look at situations from a variety of perspectives allows us to explore new avenues and find the best ways to support the people we interact with.