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Research and Patient Advocacy

We help myeloma patients, their family and carers, by using your donations to develop new approaches to myeloma treatment through our biomedical research programme which includes translational research projects and the development of early phase clinical trials. We also use our Health Services Research Programme and patient advocacy to get patients the highest quality of care and access to the best treatments.

Our research

Find out more about the research your donations help fund.

Our impact

Learn more about how Myeloma UK is changing the lives of the myeloma community.

Panels and advisory groups

Learn more about how we work with different stakeholders across the myeloma community to ensure our research is of the highest standard and puts patients at the heart of our work.

Policy and access to treatments

Find out more about how we get help get patients access to new treatments, as well as how we act as advocates for patients when dealing with decision makers, such as politicians or senior figures in the NHS.

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