Panels and advisory groups

We work with a range of panels and advisory groups to ensure we are using the knowledge and expertise of the myeloma community and putting the patient voice at the heart of our research.

Team of medical analysts and doctors consulting with paperwork of graphs, data and charts in hospital conference room.

Research Advisory Group

The Myeloma UK Research Advisory Group is our independent scientific group of experts who provide knowledge, input, guidance and expertise to our Research Programme.

Doctor Meeting

Early Diagnosis Programme

Our Myeloma Early Diagnosis Programme brings together leading experts to discuss where delays might happen, where improvements can be made and how we can increase education around myeloma diagnosis.

Woman raising hand in a group to ask a question

Advocacy Partner Panel

Our Myeloma UK Advocacy Partner Panel focuses on putting the patient voice at the heart of decision making.

Focused young woman teaching mature dad or grandfather to use computer, sitting on couch together

Patient and Carer Research Panel

Our Patient and Carer Research Panel helps connect the myeloma community with the research community.

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