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Research & Patient Advocacy

Working together to find the best treatments, make them available, improve patient care and, ultimately, to find a cure for myeloma.

Research and Patient Advocacy

We help myeloma patients, their family and carers, by using your donations to develop new approaches to myeloma treatment through our biomedical research programme which includes translational research projects and clinical trials. We also use our Health Services Research Programme and patient advocacy to get patients the highest quality of care and access to the best treatments.

Clinical Trials

Find out more about clinical trials we are developing, supporting or have supported by working with leading UK experts in myeloma research. This work is helping to accelerate both the development of and access to new myeloma treatments.

Translational research

Find out how our innovative approach to research and personalised patient treatment is helping us discover the causes of myeloma and how this can lead to the most effective types of treatment.

Health Service Research Programme

Discover more about studies and projects we’ve undertaken to help healthcare providers improve their approach to myeloma care and give patients a better overall experience.

Patient Advocacy

Patients are at the centre of everything we do. Find out how we are giving a voice to myeloma patients, pressing for access to new drug treatments and helping shape government policy.

Looking for more information?

Read our policy on the use of animals in funded research or take a look at our research strategy. You can also use our Ask the Nurse email service about any specific questions.

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