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Bringing together the UK’s leading experts, hospitals and research centres to conduct clinical trials and give patients access to the new, innovate myeloma treatments.

Our clinical trials are carefully designed to put improved patient experience at the very heart of our research. We take a strategic approach and look at a range of patient-centred aspects, from potential side effects to how easy it is to take the medicine. Our clinical trials have helped us gain a deeper understanding of the treatment – or combination of treatments – that work best for patients at different stages of myeloma.

Getting the best treatment to myeloma patients as quickly as possible is our priority. We work efficiently and to find out how effective a treatment is as soon as possible. By partnering with industry we are able to run early phase clinical trials. These trials are structured to make it as easy as possible for the NHS to take on new treatments.

Putting the UK at the forefront of myeloma research

We’ve worked hard to put the UK at the forefront of research into myeloma, so that patients here can get early access to experimental treatments. We have trial sites across the UK, from Cornwall up to Aberdeen.

Since our first clinical trial in 2012, we’ve worked with over 700 patients across nine trials at 40 different sites in The Network. You can find out about the outcomes of our past clinical trials, or read about our most recently launched trial, which looks into a type of ‘higher risk’ myeloma.

All our trials are developed and prioritised by a steering group of specialists and our own research team. Our partners from the National Institute for Health Research help with delivery. Our trials are also checked by an independent peer review process.

You can find out where a specific drug is in the clinical trial pathway, by using our drug finder tool.

Learn more about our clinical trials via our trial finder page or take a look at the clinical trial outcomes.

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