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Clinical trials

Bringing together the UK’s leading experts, hospitals and research centres to conduct clinical trials and give patients access to the new, innovate myeloma treatments.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are research investigations in which patients take part. They are intended to test new ways to treat and care for patients. There are four stages (phases) of clinical trials that a new treatment or a new combination of treatments need to go through before it can be approved (licensed) for use in clinical practice.

Phase 1

Find the best dose of the new treatment to test.

Phase 2

Test the dose identified in phase 1 in more patients to learn more about the safety and efficacy of the new treatment.

Phase 3

Increase the evidence to show the benefit of the new treatment so it can be licensed.

Phase 4

Long-term safety and effectiveness after treatment is licensed and prescribed.

How Myeloma UK supports clinical trials

One of our strategic goals is to find answers and invest in myeloma research. We work towards these goals through our investment in clinical trials.

Myeloma UK supports trials through the UK Myeloma Research Alliance-Myeloma UK-Concept and Access Research Programme (UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP). This new initiative is focused on the development of innovative, patient-centric, early phase trials (Phase 1 or 2) which investigate the potential of new treatments or combinations to benefit myeloma patients.

The grant is funding the core infrastructure to support any researcher wanting to initiate an early phase trial which supports a change in clinical practice or access to new treatments. To find out more about the UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP  contact University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit.

UK Myeloma Research Alliance-Myeloma UK–Concept and Access Research Programme

The UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP is an evolution of the Myeloma UK Clinical Trials Network.

This is the only initiative in the UK focused on the development of early phase trials to meet the needs of myeloma patients. The initiative focuses on designing trials and answering the questions which matter most to UK myeloma patients, carers and myeloma specialists. It also aims to put UK at the forefront myeloma research, so that patients here can get early access to experimental treatments.

This collaborative model combines the funding and patient insight from Myeloma UK, with the experience and expertise of the UK Myeloma Research Alliance and the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit. These trials will either provide a proof of concept data for larger and later phase trials, or data which can be used to support patients gaining access to treatments through the NHS.

The initiative will explore innovative trials designs such as ‘adaptive trials’, which allows researchers to learn from patient responses to treatment during the trial and gives them flexibility to adapt the treatment accordingly.

The UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP will help improve myeloma treatments, innovate myeloma research and give UK myeloma patients access to new treatments or treatment combinations as part of trials.

The Myeloma UK Clinical Trials Network

The Myeloma UK Clinical Trials network was a research collaboration established in 2009 which resulted in the delivery of nine early phase clinical trials. Over 700 patients at more than 40 different sites have taken part.

Looking for more information?

You can learn more about our clinical trials via our trial finder page or take a look at the clinical trial outcomes.

You can also find out about emerging treatments by reading our Clinical trials and novel drugs page or find out where a specific drug is in the clinical trial pathway, by using our drug finder tool.

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