Clinical trials

Bringing together the UK’s leading experts, hospitals and research centres to conduct clinical trials and give patients access to the new, innovate myeloma treatments.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are research investigations in which patients take part. They are to test the effect and value of new treatments, or combinations of treatments for patients.

Clinical trials compare treatment options and the results can be used to provide evidence to improve health care and patient outcomes.

How Myeloma UK supports clinical trials

One of our strategic goals is to find answers and invest in myeloma research. We work towards these goals through our investment in clinical trials.

We fund the development of trials through the UK Myeloma Research Alliance-Myeloma UK-Concept and Access Research Programme (UKMRA-Myeloma UK-CARP). This initiative is focused on the development of innovative, patient-centric, early phase trials (Phase 1 or 2) which investigate the potential of new treatments or combinations to benefit myeloma patients.

Read our news story.

Myeloma UK has supported patient access to treatments through our innovative Clinical Trial Network. Read details of how Myeloma UK has given patients early access to treatments on the clinical trial outcomes page.

Looking for more information?

You can learn more about our clinical trials via our trial finder page.

You can also find out about emerging treatments by reading our Clinical trials and novel drugs page or find out where a specific drug is in the clinical trial pathway, by using our drug finder tool.

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